2008Q2 Grant Proposal - Make localtime() and gmtime() Work Past 2038

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This is critical work, and Schwern already showed he was interested and pretty able by taking the lead on this on p5p.

I concur with rjbs.

This is the exact type of project that TPF grants are best for, IMO -- important work that benefits everyone but is too complicated to just fall out of developer itchiness.

This is a great idea, I find it very important, too,
and it has to be done anyway someday, so I'd be glad
to see a grant for this.

This is a no-brainer. Yes, please do this. The epoch limit is going to start biting people in the ass very soon, as things like 30-year mortgage calculations start blowing up.

This fits in nicely with Perl's philosophy of just making things work for numbers (at least, Perl can handle >32-bit ints on a 32-bit platform).

Sounds good. Looks like an important work.


Shlomi Fish

CMIIW, is this has been done by activestate in activeperl 5.10 build 1001 ?

activeperl 5.10 changelog

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