2008Q2 Call for Grants Proposals

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My advice to grant applicants:

  1. Choose a quantitative goal. For example, I was funded to write 20 Perl::Critic policies.

  2. Choose an achievable goal. It's better to finish a modest task than to fail at a monumental task.

  3. Choose a community-oriented goal. Think of something that helps all of us.

If you get funded:

  1. Pace yourself. Make steady progress toward you goal so you don't get burned out or in temporal debt.

  2. Don't expect others to help. They know you are getting paid. It's only fair.

  3. Blog your progress, but focus on getting the work done. Don't blog it until you've done it.

I just saw this, and would have submitted a proposal (for "multilingualising" a Perl website, for example this one) but have missed the cutoff date by a couple of days.

Are the grants given by TPF every month or do I have to wait until next year?

By the way, I can be reached at nomad (at) null (dot) net if there is the possibility of a late entry...

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