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  • YAPC::NA Voting Details Fri, 02-Dec-2005 by Jim Brandt

    I was previously posting TPF conferences-related information to my personal blog on use.perl.org. Now we have this excellent TPF blog for TPF info, so I'll be posting here. As I said in a previous post all of the bids this year were quite good. To give a little more transparency into the voting process, you can see the anonymous vote breakdowns below: Boston Chicago Vancouver 2840 2980 2690

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  • An unofficial welcome to the news.perlfoundation.org blog site Thu, 01-Dec-2005 by Richard Dice

    Disclaimer This might be the first news.perlfoundation.org blog posting entered. It's not the "inaugural announcement", though. Andy Lester, the TPF SC PR guy, is crafting that now and a link to it will be posted to all the usual locations when it's ready. What this is all about This blog is hosted at The Perl Foundation. We hope to open up more communication with the Perl community by talking, mostly

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