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  • TPF Programs in 2010 Sat, 01-Jan-2011 by Dan Wright

    Below is an overview of the programs that were financially supported by The Perl Foundation in 2010. Programs are roughly broken up into 3 categories: Events, Marketing, and Development. Perl events The Perl Foundation supported four conferences in 2010. Those conferences were: The North American Yet Another Perl Conference Frozen Perl, The Pittsburgh Perl Workshop, and The Perl Oasis. Each event is expected to be self-sustaining through program fees and

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  • Newest TPF Members Tue, 18-Mar-2008 by Jim Brandt

    I'm happy to announce we've successfully concluded our recent call for new people to fill several vacant positions in TPF. Our newest members are: Karen Pauley, Steering Committee Chair Josh McAdams, Public Relations Jeremy Fluhmann, Conferences Committee Chair We're very excited to have some new people bring their energy and ideas to the table. I'd also like to thank Andy Lester, our outgoing PR person, for all of his PR

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  • Reminder: TPF Nomination Period Ends Tomorrow Mon, 10-Mar-2008 by Jim Brandt

    This is a reminder that we plan on closing the open self-nomination period for the TPF Steering Committee Chair, Conference Committee Chair, and PR positions tomorrow. If you're on the fence, it's time to decide. Again, to participate, send me email at cbrandt at perlfoundation dot org and I'll send you an invite to the elections wiki we have set up.

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  • TPF Needs You: Nominations Open for Several TPF Roles Mon, 03-Mar-2008 by Jim Brandt

    Have you ever wanted to get involved in The Perl Foundation, but didn't know how? Well, now's your chance. I'm pleased to announce open self-nominations for the following TPF roles: "Steering Committee Chair": "Conferences Committee Chair": "Public Relations": You can follow the links above to read descriptions of each of the positions. If you think you're a good fit for one or more of them, send me an email at

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  • Working on reporting, working on conference representation Thu, 08-Dec-2005 by Richard Dice

    One of the things we're trying to improve over here is reporting. Not only do People Want To Know what it is that we're doing, but being a not-for-profit we have some regulatory needs to get our reporting act together. Over the past week I've been working on the reporting strategy for the Steering Committee. Progress has been made on this front. I've created a draft reporting template that seems

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  • An unofficial welcome to the blog site Thu, 01-Dec-2005 by Richard Dice

    Disclaimer This might be the first blog posting entered. It's not the "inaugural announcement", though. Andy Lester, the TPF SC PR guy, is crafting that now and a link to it will be posted to all the usual locations when it's ready. What this is all about This blog is hosted at The Perl Foundation. We hope to open up more communication with the Perl community by talking, mostly

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