Accepted Grants for 2010Q3

The Perl Foundation Grants Committee is happy to inform on the results of the 2010Q3 round for grant assignments. After the public discussion on The Perl Foundation blog, and after the Grants Committee discussion and vote, the proposals were ranked as:
  1. Manual for Game Development with SDL Perl by Kartik Thakore
  2. Perlbal documentation by José Castro and Bruno Martins
  3. Perl 6 Tablets by Herbert Breunung
  4. Improve Parrot Embed/Extend Subsystem Tests and Documentation by Jonathan "Duke" Leto
  5. CPAN to deb autopackaging by Jozef Kutej
And the following proposals were rejected (received more than 50% of rejection votes) This quarter budget permits TPF to fund the first three grants, Manual for Game Development with SDL Perl, Perlbal documentation and Perl 6 Tablets. The other two grant proposals that were not rejected but that can not be funded in this quarter will be kept for consideration on the next round.

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