2010Q3 Grant Proposal: Perl 6 book in russian


Perl 6 book in russian


Naim Shafiev, Zahatski Aliaksandr


[hidden email] [hidden email]

Amount Requested:

2000 $


Perl6 has reached development stage when on it is possible to program. The release of the version "Rakudo Star" for developers confirms it. At the given stage of development of language, it is important that the information on it was as it is possible is accessible to programmers, and also that who is interested in new technologies.

The permit preliminary on use of materials perl6-book [1] is obtained. However we plan to include own materials and working out examples in the book.

Also the book is opened for all Russian-speaking authors writing about perl6.

Benefits to the Perl Community

The given book will help to expand a circle of programmers developing perl6. And it will help to approach the official version perl6. The book also will help to popularise perl6. News round working out of the book will draw attention of developers to this language.


Naim Shafiev Zahatski Aliaksandr 11 CHAPTERS (from [1])

Project Details

The project page settles down to the address [2]. Repository is open and hosted at github[3]. Main format of chapters is Perldoc Pod ( Perl6 Pod) [4]. The book is accessible in two formats : pdf and html [2]

All material in book is licensed under a CC-by-nc-sa license: <http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.5/> (attribution, noncommercial, share-alike),


We split our project in 11 parts.About the 5 days to each chapter.

Project Schedule

We plan 2 month for work. We just start at 15 august.Complete date is 15 october

Completeness Criteria

We plan to extend the book together with Rakudo Star, make available for download from most perl6 comunity projects, released to CPAN and make available as public repository.


Zahatski Aliaksandr

I'm citisen of Belarus.

I have been using Perl since 1997, member of Minsk.pm, Moscow.pm. Maintance ports of rakudo/parrot on FreeBSD (rakudoport.sourceforge.net). Implement perl6 pod in perl5 ([4])

Naim Shafiev

I'm 22 years old.Live in Moscow. Member of Moscow.pm. I use Perl since 2001,in diffent sections. My cpan page ([5]) For additional information you can ask from google/yahoo/what_you_want ;)


1. http://github.com/perl6/book 2. Project site http://zag.ru/perl6-book/ 3. Repository: http://github.com/zag/ru-perl6-book 4. Perl6::Pod http://search.cpan.org/dist/Perl6-Pod/ 5. http://search.cpan.org/~naim/


I am encouraging my Russian-speaking colleagues at $job and in the Parrot project to look at this proposal.

While I don't deny the usefulness of having documentation in many languages, I would prefer to focus on having good documentation in English first and then translate it. That would benefit the most people. The vast majority of perl programmers can read English even when it isn't their native language, the same can't be said of Russian.

The Perl6 book is great and translating it to other languages is a great goal. However, is the book finalized enough to be ready for that?

Having done a bit of work on the current design of the Perl 6 book, I too would propose to at least combine the efforts -- if a code example or an explanation is that great, there is certainly a place for it in the english Perl 6 book too. All the effort that goes into managing PDF generation for yet another book is probably lost too. I could look into making the book easily translatable, so that several language version could be generated.

What concerns me about this proposal is the availability of technical and copy editing. Both these processes are important things with which to provide a high quality book. Is there a strategy to assure this in place?

(Full disclosure: I'm one of the primary listed authors of the original Perl 6 book that is being proposed to be translated.)

While I'm very much in favor of seeing the book translated into Russian (and as many other languages as possible), the amount being requested for translation ($2K) in this proposal seems high. Indeed, $2K would be much more than the source book's authors expect to receive for writing the original text being translated.

Unless, of course, we can also have TPF fund a similarly-sized grant for continued work and improvements to the current book. :-)

I also share the concern that pursuing paid translations of the book may be a bit premature at this time. With the release of Rakudo Star, the book authors plan to spend a fair bit of time in the next few weeks editing, revising, and updating the text and examples and responding to user comments and feedback.


Though I live and work in Russia and I would definitely like to see perl and perl6 popularised here, this proposal seems premature.

The cost is also way too high.

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