Chad Granum just completed his first Test2 grant, and took some time for rest and payment bureaucracy before starting his second grant, now documenting Test 2.

This is the first report for this new grant. During the last weeks he worked in an initial Test2 tutorial, that was incorporated into his YAPC presentation available at Accordingly with his report, this is just the beginning on how to write tests. Soon he will also start the sections for Test Tool authors.

Tony has supplied the second report for his Maintaining Perl 5 grant, which was recently successfully extended.

Tony Cook writes:

Approximately 40 tickets were reviewed, and 3 patches were applied.

1.66#121734 report cygwin issue upstream
#121734 test upstream fix and comment
#121734 comment on POSIX::strxfrm() bug note
0.27#122551 review discussion, TR::Perl bugs
2.23#126188 debugging, try potential fixes, comment
0.92#126203 reproduce, comment and supply a trivial patch
2.64#127380 (sec) work on patches, comments
#127380 find and post missing patch
11.21#127663 research

Dave Mitchell writes:

I spent last month mainly getting Scope::Upper working on 5.24.0. It broke heavily after the context stack reworking that came with 5.23.8, due to its heavy reliance on the internal details of perl's context stack and scope exit behaviours.

I don't intend in general spending so much time again on fixing up such CPAN modules; it's just that once I had started, I wanted to see it through to completion.


  • 1:10 [perl #127834] @INC issues
  • 60:51 [perl #127875] Blead breaks Scope::Upper
  • 6:19 [perl #127915] $=x~0 segfaults Perl 5.24.0-RC1-2-gde1d2c7
  • 0:33 [perl #128225] substitution within (?{}) causes segmentation fault
  • 0:53 disallow 'require ::foo'
  • 2:30 fix build warnings and smoke failures
  • 0:30 fixup CPAN distributions affected by context changes (Coro)
  • 10:38 process p5p mailbox

83:24 TOTAL (HH::MM)

As of 2016/05/31: since the beginning of the grant:

137.3 weeks
1920.5 total hours
14.0 average hours per week

There are 80 hours left on the grant.

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  • Q & A with Larry Wall

  • Sunday Arrival Dinner

  • Tuesday night Social: Desserts and Drinks

  • Tutorials

  • Wednesday Night Pull Request Challenge

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Will Braswell continues his unrestricted production of R(estricted)-Perl documentation:

"May was yet another busy month for Learning RPerl, section 2.3.6 was huge so I split out all the command-line arguments into a new appendix B.

We now have documentation for all of RPerl's 15 phases of operation, 27 command-line arguments, and approximately 200 RPerl-specific error messages, with even more coming soon!

All of the following sections have now been published in whole or in part:


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  • Keynote address: The Dark Art of Boatbuilding and Project Management -- A salty look at projects, people and customers

  • Sponsor Spotlight: cPanel

Tony Cook writes:

Approximately 48 tickets were reviewed, and 7 patches were applied

1.57investigate new ipsysv.t failures on darwin, create cpan
#112827, fix in blead, #p5p unicode string behaviour
4.60#122287 testing
#122287 work on a patch to Configure/Makefile.SH
#122287 more work, testing cross platform, comment with patch
#122287 double check patch, expand comment on patch
1.47#124430 try to find why App::assh started working
#124430 keep trying, start a bisect
3.42#125296 review, experiment and comment
#125296 comment
1.45#125368 bisect and close
3.30#126162 apply patch manually, work on fixes
#126162 more fixes, push to smoke-me and comment

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