March report of the Perl 6 Development Grant of Jonathan Worthington

Jonathan writes:

March saw me spending rather little time on my Perl 6 grant. I merged various optimizations I developed during February, but held back to merge until after the March release in order that they could receive more testing before appearing in a release. I also did a few other minor optimizations, and fixed a performance regression introduced during a recent bug fix.

During March, I attended the German Perl Workshop. My talks included one on escape analysis, which I have been working on as part of this grant.

1:08 Test, re-benchmark, and merge optimizations developed
     in the previous month
1:41 Investigate a performance regression arising from a
     BEGIN-time compilation bug fix, modify the fix
0:44 Analyze an increase in malloc/free churn during
     specialization code generation and avoid it
0:33 Shave a few more cycles off scalar dereferences
0:50 Issue and pull request triage

Total: 4:56

Remaining funding-approved hours on current grant period: 126:50
Remaining community-approved hours on current grant period: 292:50

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