Grants: March 2019 votes

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The Grants Committee has concluded the voting of the November 2018 round.

There was one proposal this round, which was not approved.

A Complete (Interactive) Perl 6 Course with Exercises (9,996 USD)

Voting results: Not approved: 3 YES votes with a score of 11 (2 votes of 5, 1 vote of 1), 4 NO votes

This was a close vote. Many members were very enthusiastic about this project. Others, while agreeing that a course like this would be good for the language, were concerned about:

  • Hosting: Previous grants designed to create a site have failed due to a lack of support/hosting for the completed software/content; Delaying this decision until the content is created could result in a technically successful grant, but a product that is not deployable.
  • Technology: One potential suggestion for the technology for the interactive examples was offered, but are no details about how that would work or impact hosting.
  • Content Details: More specifics about the items in the 3 content groups would be helpful.

If there are any community members who would be willing to host a solution like the one proposed, please reach out to Andrew or the committee (or the Board).

We accept proposals throughout the year; our next round of review will begin the first week of May. You can submit proposals now.

If you want to help with funding and increase our budget, please visit our donations page. We sincerely appreciate all the donors which make the grant program possible. If you donate, please take advantage of your employers' matching donation program.

As always, thanks to our donors, both large and small, who support this program to give back to the community.

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