Maintaining Perl 5 (Tony Cook): January 2019 Grant Report

This is a monthly report by Tony Cook on his grant under Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund. We thank the TPF sponsors to make this grant possible.

Approximately 54 tickets were reviewed, and 11 patches were

[Hours]         [Activity]
  8.88          #108276 review
                #108276 check over committed changes, look to re-work, ask
                list about PERL_OP_PARENT
                #108276 cleanup PERL_OP_PARENT detritus
                #108276 review old patches, re-work, testing
                #108276 more testing, work on optimize_op()
                #108276 research, cleanup, more testing. Comment with
  0.58          #121033 research, comment
  1.98          #123724 rebase, retesting, bump versions, apply to blead,
                make public
  0.05          #126191 check for activity and close
  2.69          #127521 review code, POSIX, work on implementation
                #127521 local commit with notes
  1.72          #130367 rebase, write new tests, testing, apply to blead
                #130367 perldelta
  1.90          #130585 debugging
                #130585 debugging
  0.32          #131506 research and comment
                #131506 close
  0.07          #131931 link to stack-not-refcounted meta ticket
  0.08          #131955 check for activity and close
  0.52          #132158 rebase, retest and apply to blead
  1.35          #132338 research, comment
  0.12          #132583 same and add the form sub-parse fix to backports
                (the other is in 5.28 already)
  3.76          #132777 prep, review code, research, work on some docs
                #132777 testing, more docs, comment with patch
  0.27          #133030 re-check, comment
  0.27          #133153 comment
  0.62          #133504 research and comment
  0.55          #133522 review patch, testing, apply to blead
  1.88          #133524 work up a fix and apply to blead
  3.88          #133575 prep and start gcc 8.2.0 build
                #133575 work up a patch, testing, comment with patch
                #133575 consider comment changes, research, testing, apply
                to blead
  0.60          #133590 try to work with metaconfig, report upstream to
                the metaconfig wizards
  0.77          #133721 review, write test, testing, apply test and fix to
  0.13          #133740 review new patch and comment
  0.13          #133744 review and comment
  0.10          #133746 review and close
  0.10          #133750 review and reject
  1.00          #133751 comment with patch
                #133751 retest, apply to blead
  0.55          #133752 follow up
                #133752 got a response privately due to
                issues, forwarded request to perlbug-admin and closed
  0.25          #133753 (sec) fix subject, comment
                #133753 (sec) testing, comment
  1.82          #133754 test setup, testing, research
  2.08          #133755 research, produce a patch and comment
                #133755 fix a typo, test, apply to blead
                #133755 comment and close
  0.25          #133756 review and comment briefly
  0.61          #133760 research and comment
                #133760 research (read the Configure source) and comment
  0.72          #133765 review, start prep to test, review code, comment
                #133765 research, add commit to votes file
  0.53          #133771 review patch and comment
                #133771 review new patch and comment
  0.97          #133776 review and comment
                #133776 review and comment
  3.32          #133782 diagnose, work on a fix, testing
                #133782 retest patch against blead, apply to blead
                #133782 re-test, fix ticket number in patch, apply to
  0.38          #133787 research (more Configure) and comment
  0.33          #133788 research history of APIs, remove M flag and apply
                to blead
  1.07          #133789 debugging, comment
  0.25          #133806 bump $IO::VERSION, testing
  2.35          add t/ file leak checks and TMPDIR leak checks
  0.48          look for possibly fixed sub-parse tokenizer bugs, find a
                couple and comment, bookmark for later closing
  0.72          look for some more possibly fixed tokenizer bugs
  2.82          look into detecting shmem leaks reported by Tux,
  0.17          review maint votes, remove one already picked
  1.07          utf8-readline: build fixes, debugging
  1.50          utf8-readline: clean up, consider re-working options
  0.62          utf8-readline: debug failing tests
  2.33          utf8-readline: debugging
  2.52          utf8-readline: debugging, fixes for buffer parsing tests
  0.32          utf8-readline: more debugging failing tests
  0.10          utf8-readline: rebase, review
  2.80          utf8-readline: track down a fix warning handling
 65.25 hours total

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