Grant Report : Revitalize : December 2018

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André Walker reports significant progress on his bold attempt to revitalize

He made the following report to the TPF Grants Committee on 3 Jan 2019 (edited by me). I will also backpost another report André made to the Committee in Aug 2018 shortly.

The work I set out to do for the grant on is almost complete. Here is a breakdown of what is done, what is missing for a first release, and what should be improved post release/grant (in my opinion).

Since the last update, I've been working on adding comments to the system, since I had decided to leave that for last. That meant adding back the schema, implementing a nice design for it, tests and whatnot. That is done, although there's always room for improvement :) In this case in the UI mainly, since I'm not a designer / front-end dev.

I also added support for the old passwords...

I spent a long time implementing helpers for theming, mostly copied from Ghost. This gives us room to improve the UI. A coworker, friend of mine, who is a designer, offered to improve the layout. This shouldn't delay anything for me, only improve the result.

Finally, I also added feed support (rss, atom), since I understand many visitors use it for the current site. ... What's missing:

  • the search -- most hooks in the backend are already in place, there are even tests done for the search via the HTTP API. But there's no page for the search results, so I need to create one. ...

So, search is halfway done, import shouldn't take long, it sounds like less than a week's worth of work.

There are improvements to the anti-spam feature I implemented, UI changes, better tests and so on, but I think these can be done gradually afterwards. I can imagine small bugs showing up as we release, but if I hold the code to myself trying to perfect it, it will be of no use. ...

You can try out the new platform at!


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