December report of the Perl 6 Development Grant of Jonathan Worthington

Jonathan writes:

December came with some travel and vacation, and so wasn't ideal for working on the larger ongoing tasks. I did, however, get in numerous smaller fixes, as well as reducing the overhad on regex matching and improving the performance of regex interpolation. Other fixes included a memory leak that was observed to impact Cro applications, a couple of GC errors, and a crash involving a certain interaction of precompilation and custom operators.

0:40:00 Fix a crash resulting from missing GC rooting in first-class contexts.
0:26:00 Fix plugin spesh GC issue that occasionally occurred under JIT.
0:17:00 Improve handling of errors on thread join.
0:18:00 Fix being unable to mix a role containing a private method into an enum value.
2:04:00 Resolve a segfault involving precompilation and custom operators.
0:52:00 Fix a memory leak in MoarVM affecting some long-running programs.
0:30:00 Look into and fix some problems with the new floating point read/write binary ops.
0:49:00 Look into IO::Socket::Async::SSL regression on HEAD Rakudo; 
        release a new version fixing it.
3:13:00 Various regex performance improvements.

Total: 9:09

Total time spent on current grant period: 151:30
Total time remaining on current grant period: 48:30

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