September report of the Perl 6 Development Grant of Jonathan Worthington

Jonathan writes:

My main deliverable in September was a significant improvement to the performance of object construction and initialization. I wrote a blog post describing the ways in which this was achieved. I also improved the performance of array assignment, took on a tricky bug that stood in the way of merging a GC performance improvement, and took another small step with the work on escape analysis.

5:33    Lots of performance improvements to object initialization
3:24    Make ASSIGN-POS inlineable, improving array assignment
        performance; fix an optimization ordering problem while
        doing so, which not only helped array assignment
        performance, but had wider benefit
3:03    Hunt down and fix a bug introduced by an optimization to
        generational GC, allowing the optimization to be merged
1:20    Support scalar replacement of native attribute types in
        the upcoming escape analyzer
1:27    Fix problems with how we handled inlinees with multiple
        returns, such that they don't violate SSA form; this
        allows for more precise analysis of such code, which may
        lead to better optimization
1:16    Assorted other debugging/fixing of smaller bugs

Total: 16:03

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