Maintaining Perl 5 (Tony Cook): September 2018 Grant Report

This is a monthly report by Tony Cook on his grant under Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund. We thank the TPF sponsors to make this grant possible.

Approximately 34 tickets were reviewed, and 4 patches were

[Hours] [Activity] 2.47 fatalize sysread/recv/syswrite/send on utf8 handles: fix warnings, croak tests, documentation updates, post patch to #125760 0.20 #126084 try to apply, issue already fixed, close ticket 1.58 #126706 research, work on Makefile.SH 0.72 #130674 recheck, retest and apply to blead 0.18 #131649 (sec) try to chase up a patch 1.85 #132655 retest patch and apply to blead #132655 clean up duplicates, update perldelta 1.25 #132764 write a simple patch to help demonstrate the problem 0.43 #133192 (sec) review, testing to check if a security issue 0.45 #133250 retest and apply to maint-5.26 0.75 #133369 debugging 0.38 #133423 (sec) review patches (RT copies seem to be corrupted) 0.55 #133439 comment with patch 1.48 #133460 (sec) try to work out a mess of layered code 0.52 #133462 research and comment #133462 research and comment 0.70 #133463 research, comment 1.25 #133494 work up a patch and comment with patch 7.84 #133496 try to implement #133496 try to implement, debugging #133496 re-work to allow switches from PERL5OPTS, #! line #133496 testing #133496 diagnose test failures #133496 comment #133496 research, comment 0.33 #133499 research, comment 4.28 #133510 testing, diagnose, push a fix to blead #133510 debugging, work up a fix, testing, comment with patch 0.65 #133518 testing, debugging 2.05 check for patches for security issues, generate one for 133250 0.40 fail to reproduce failures – possibly dirty build, apply to blead 3.77 fatalize sysread/recv/syswrite/send on utf8 handles fatalize sysread/recv/syswrite/send on utf8 handles 1.13 more fatalize: update io/ and uni/ tests, fix some bugs 1.48 recheck fatalize work, fix some PERLUNICODE= failures 1.17 Research, reply email from sawyer on unicode filenames 1.80 respond Sawyer’s follow-up, open 133496 1.13 review other security issue for patches, backporting, testing 1.05 review other security issues 1.30 review security issues, khw-core discussion with khw 0.23 review tickets, close one 0.20 security ticket admin 0.87 win32 ldexpl issue, reproduce, try regenconfigh target, research 1.42 win32 ldexpl issue: build/test with both patches, tests fail, try debugging

====== 45.86 hours total

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