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As I announced at The Perl Conference in Salt Lake City this year, we have completed our project to update the main Perl Foundation website. The new site is now live, with a new design and on a new hosting platform.

This project was primarily done by a team of Niagara University students as part of their CIS 480 coursework. This senior level class requires the students to work in teams and work through all of the steps of completing an IT project from planning to project management to actually doing the work. The first challenge for the team was finding a real project to work on and conveniently enough TPF had a website that needed to be completely updated and moved.

The team of Danielle Allan, Andre Cherrier, Jason Delisi, Kathryn DuBrey, Riley Ross, Shelby Spell worked all semester to produce all of the documentation for the project and then also to port the content over from our old website to the new one. We're very thankful for all of their work to make this happen.

The first part of the project is done, but there are still many updates to make to the content. Some parts of the old site were not updated for several years because it was difficult to access and edit the content. We've taken care of that part and the site is now in Weebly, which should make it available to anyone for editing.

Our next step is to get a new webmaster, or maybe several, involved to continue to maintain the site. If you're interested, send email to jim at perlfoundation dot org. Thanks again to our volunteers and we hope you like the new site.

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