Maintaining Perl 5 (Tony Cook): May 2018 Grant Report

This is a monthly report by Tony Cook on his grant under Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund. We thank the TPF sponsors to make this grant possible.

Approximately 34 tickets were reviewed.

[Hours]         [Activity]
  8.10          #122112 re-work an old solution
                #122112 testing and fail, think about other solutions
                #122112 work up a fix, testing, work on a regression test
                #122112 finish regression test, testing, polish, comment
                with patches
  1.97          #133152 research, work on a patch and comment
                #133152 briefly comment
  1.96          #133170 work on a documentation fix
                #133170 more documentation, checking, comment with patch
                #133170 respond to comment on patch
                #133170 comment
  0.50          #133178 research, work on a patch and comment with patch
  0.42          #133214 briefly comment
  2.23          #133227 try to reproduce privately reported issue locally,
                create new ticket with patch
                #133227 comment briefly
  0.42          #133228 review and comment
  1.07          #133230 work on patch and comment with patch
  2.25          :utf8 brief discussion with khw, more testing
  2.38          :utf8 debug and fix io_sock.t failure, fix porting
  2.02          :utf8 debugging
  2.52          :utf8 debugging, more tests
  1.75          :utf8 more re-work, work on readdelim
  1.95          :utf8 more readdelim, basic testing
  1.93          :utf8 more test cases, try to break existing code
  1.35          :utf8 more tests
  2.45          :utf8 more tests, debugging
                :utf8 more tests, debugging
  2.03          :utf8 re-work buffer processing to work with eof correctly
  1.62          :utf8 re-work to handle non-transforming options more
  0.67          :utf8 readdelim
  2.30          :utf8 test infrastructure,write some tests
  1.72          :utf8 test updates
  0.98          :utf8 testing, debug io_sock.t failure
  1.92          :utf8 testing, some clean up
  2.22          :utf8 try some more to break stuff, start on buffer
  2.08          :utf8 try to detect tell() breakage, review how perlio
                handles positioning (especially in buffers), debugging
  1.88          :utf8 try to understand perlio and work out an efficient
  2.20          :utf8 work on _fill handling
  1.98          :utf8 – eof debugging
  2.62          :utf8 – re-work buffer handling tests to match the new
                interface, test debugging
  2.08          :utf8 – test debugging, fixes, test against utf8 io tests,
                work on updates
  1.45          leave non-transforming for now, add test for seek with
                buffered input and fix expected issue
  0.93          review open tickets and comment on a few
  0.37          Storable t/retrieve memory allocation, work up a fix and
 64.32 hours total

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