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As has been announced previously, TPF is working on a process to allow for more public participation in adding new board members. I'm happy to present Ricardo Signes as our first new board candidate nominated with the new process. Ricardo (aka RJBS) is well known to the Perl community as a former pumpking and he offers some addition background in his bio below.

Ricardo Signes spent four years studying philosophy and religion before learning that jobs in those fields did not abound. He managed to convert his hobby into his profession, convincing his employer that it was a good idea to pay him to create software in Perl. Since then, he has become a prolific CPAN author, part of the "Toolchain Gang" that maintains the PAUSE and CPAN infrastructure, and spent five years as "Pumpking," the Perl 5 project manager. Ricardo is currently CTO at FastMail, where he manages a team writing and maintaining free and proprietary software, much of it written in Perl 5. In his free time, Rik writes code to help making writing code easier.

And his answers to a few questions on joining the TPF board:

  • Why do you want to become a member of the TPF Board?
  • What existing TPF initiative(s) are most important to you and why?

I'd like to help TPF accomplish its mission of supporting the Perl programming languages, and especially to help increase understanding of what TPF does. I think I have a good knowledge of the Perl community, and can help provide guidance on the board, but most especially I want to help make it easy to find out what TPF is doing.

The TPF's most visible work is its grants work and conference support, and those are probably the ones I think are most valuable, too.

  • What goals would you like to see TPF pursue in the future?

Outreach programs are hard and time-consuming, because they require a good combination of project, mentor, and newcomer to succeed, but I'd like to look into backing projects like those, and then share how those efforts succeed or fail.

For the next two weeks, we welcome constructive community discussion and feedback before the board continues with the process.


I'd be happy to see someone one the TPF board who is so familiar in and with the Perl community.

+1 to RJBS

Ricardo Signes contributions and dedication to the Perl community speaks for itself. It addition I find Ricardo to be a person of high integrity and having him serving as a TPF board member, would be a both a benefit and privilege for the Perl community.


- Perl programmer and CPAN contributor

I enthusiastically endorse rjbs. He is easy to work with, and would bring wisdom and maturity to this position.

+1: The Perl community have benefited immensely from Ricardo's contributions, and I am sure he will continue to be a positive force in this role as well.

I've known rjbs for two decades. I've seen how good he is as a programmer and what he's done for the Perl community.

I'm surprised it's taken you guys this long to recognize his efforts.

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