Maintaining the Perl 5 Core (Zefram): Grant Report for Jan 2017

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This is a monthly report by Zefram on his grant under Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund. We thank the TPF sponsors to make this grant possible.

The hours that I have worked in 2018-01 pursuant to my TPF core
maintenance grant are as follows.

  9h33m  review mail
  5h31m  review tickets
  2h40m  [perl #132671] Bleadperl v5.27.6-206-g16ada235c3 breaks
  2h14m  [perl #8910] Subroutine doesn't create elements.
  1h57m  [perl #132648] Cwd: different return values between pure perl
         and XS variants
  1h47m  [perl #132695] BBC Catalyst tests broken by
  1h32m  [perl #47602] floating-point binary-decimal conversion bugs
  1h01m  [perl #132727] BBC Class::MethodMaker broken by
    53m  [perl #132425] Suggested warning on attempt to 'use' with
         arguments when no import() subroutine exists
    52m  create tickets
    49m  [perl #30123] foreach ("", "a".."zzzzzz") confuses range
    48m  [perl #8045] Hash keys are not always parsed as strings if
         the arrow is omitted
    29m  [perl #16113] open on localized *F pb
    29m  [perl #132788] Blead Breaks CPAN:
    28m  perldebguts
    25m  [perl #132775] Blead Breaks CPAN:
    21m  Darwin mkostemp() misconfiguration
    21m  [perl #18581] memory leak: if($foo++){} and = overloading
    10m  [perl #54412] Mistake in perlipc doc, perl 5.10.0
     9m  [perl #132100] [PATCH] missing newline after "Unable to flush
         stdout: ..."
     9m  perldelta
     8m  [perl #132777] Blead Breaks CPAN:
     7m  review commits
 32h53m  TOTAL

At the end of the month there was 71h19m of authorised working time
remaining in this grant.

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