Maintaining the Perl 5 Core (Zefram): Grant Report for Nov 2017

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This is the first report from Zefram on his Perl 5 grant under Perl 5 Core Maintenance Fund. We thank the TPF sponsors to make this grant possible.

The hours that I have worked in 2017-11 pursuant to my TPF core
maintenance grant are as follows.

 30h25m  smartmatch
 15h15m  [perl #114932] state(@a) =
 12h08m  review tickets
  9h54m  review mail
  8h26m  [perl #108778] no warnings "module name"
  3h46m  [perl #132158] negative-size-param (size=-7) in
         S_scan_formline (toke.c:11414)
  3h37m  [perl #36078] Newz() used gratuitously
  3h28m  [perl #113716] Deparse and trailing colons
  3h28m  [perl #38920] Filter::Simple error messages getting mangled
         inside require
  3h12m  [perl #132414] eval in package DB can't see caller's lexicals
         in certain cases
  2h58m  [perl #115266] s//$obj/ does not propagated taintedness of
         overloaded object
  2h43m  Devel::Cover BBC from deparsing change
  2h09m  [perl #108288] stat and -T do not set errno consistently
  2h07m  [perl #115258] 4-arg substr does not provide proper lvalue
  2h05m  [perl #126414] perl rounds inode in PP stat
  2h05m  [perl #132150] ... (yada-yada) parsing is inconsistent
  2h02m  [perl #119803] $ISA[0] assignment does not work
  1h47m  [perl #122368] [PATCH] improve docs about mortal in perlguts
  1h37m  [perl #132492] inward goto deprecation has no removal date
  1h33m  [perl #129892] sub calls show as gv(IV \)
  1h19m  test temp filenames
  1h17m  [perl #119635] deprecate and remove qsort?
  1h14m  [perl #115262] PerlIO::encoding produces malformed utf8
  1h13m  [perl #119813] Assertion failure when debugger dies
  1h10m  ExtUtils-ParseXS test noise
  1h07m  [perl #132413] PL_keyword_plugin needs thread-safe wrap
  1h06m  [perl #125827] [PATCH] PathTools, dont require() modules in
         subs likely to be in loops
    58m  [perl #131762] perldoc output misbehaviour
    57m  [perl #119805] Errors in preamble code report line 0
    48m  [perl #121904] array each iterator storage is inefficient
    44m  [perl #91362] Deparse omits implicit ~~
    38m  ext/XS-APItest/t/sviscow.t warning
    38m  B version portability
    37m  Win32 -k errors
    36m  [perl #125774] do EXPR on dir fails but has no error code $!
    30m  [perl #131895] stat() doesn't fail on filenames containing \0
         / NUL
    30m  [perl #113714] Deparse and CORE
    28m  [perl #123491] Perl_debop and Perl_runops_debug and
         PL_runops_dbg, are they DEBUGGING or not?
    28m  [perl #132272] qw() differs from split " " with OGHAM SPACE
    26m  [perl #119823] LABEL: only works in string eval
    25m  [perl #125370] select on non-socket should be fatal on win32,
         not an error code
    25m  [perl #116286] *pvs SV functions don't take "const char*"s
    23m  create tickets
    20m  [perl #42603] func Class->method should resolve to func(
         Class->method )
    19m  [perl #127697] newPVOP documentation is misleading
    18m  [perl #132403] Long @INC gets replaced with executable
    18m  [perl #132395] BBC: Commit 7a831b72 breaks UNIVERAL::isa
    17m  [perl #122096] [PATCH] reduce # of calls to errno
    13m  [perl #132460] ambiguity regarding "x" operator in perlop
    13m  [perl #115880] redundant SvUPGRADE in perl_construct?
    10m  [perl #115650] "Truth and Falsehood" doesn't belong in
     7m  [perl #93102] keys is not always an lvalue
     5m  [perl #122122] [PATCH] PERL_UNUSED_CONTEXT audit
135h02m  TOTAL

At the end of the month there was 264h58m of authorised working time
remaining in this grant.

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