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Help needed for the 2018 TPC::NA

The Perl Conference in America, formerly YAPC::NA, has put forward a formal call for volunteers to help out with next year's event. Perl has likely helped you, we could even say it has been helping you to pay your bills? This may be your chance to give back to the community that isn't writing code.

TPC::NA 2018 (formerly known as YAPC::NA) is looking for volunteers to organize the conference. Can you do any of these?

  • Design logos & other creative things.

  • Draft announcements & other communication.

  • Be awesome & generally helpful.

What will you get in return?
The main benefit is in knowing you helped bring a well loved conference to life and the grateful thanks of all the attendees, however there will be other benefits given such as a staff conference clothing, drinks and other appropriate reward.

If the answer is yes, then please fill in this form:

In person attendance is optional (but we would love to see you in person), though it will require consistent monthly and weekly web conferences with other organizers.

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