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During the last month, Chad Granum did some notable progress on the grant. As Chad points out:

I got it to the point where I felt comfortable publishing it to cpan, despite being incomplete: https://metacpan.org/pod/Test2::Manual

that includes:

  • Spell check test, to correct my typos
  • Added Anatomy section to describe Test2 guts
  • Added Anatomy for Events and Facets
  • Finished the Tooling/FirstTool document
  • Added the Tooling/Nesting document
  • Added the Tooling/Subtest document
  • Added the Tooling/Testing document
  • Lots of cleanup and minor tweaks.

There are still several planned documents that need to be written, but they are all listed now in one of the 3 sections (Testing, Tooling, Anatomy) with a "coming soon" note.

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