Grant Report : Robust Perl 6 Unicode Support - September 2017

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In her excellent overview of Unicode presented at YAPC-EU, Samantha gives us her take on Perl6 Unicode:

Torture the implementers for the sake of the users.

Perl6 Unicode users will certainly have some wonderfully easy access to deep Unicode magic thanks to her work. But reading her blog, I get a distinct impression of delight, rather than torture...

In her complete blog post, she describes, among other details:

  • Implementation of the Knuth-Morris-Pratt algorithm for native Unicode string searches, along with grapheme caching, to improve search times over the current flat string implementation.

  • Further documentation work and helpful scripts.

She is down to final documentation activities and merges.

Samantha also notes: "If other Perl 6 devs or users of the community want to make any requests for Unicode or string related documentation, you can send me an email or send me a message on freenode IRC (nick samcv)."


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