Final Report : Grant "Robust Perl 6 Unicode Support"

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Samantha has submitted her last grant update and her final review of her work for the consideration of the community and the Grants Committee.

Highlights for the latest month of work include:

  • Her Unicode Collation Algorithm is fully merged into MoarVM
  • She has released full UCA documentation
  • Prepends are handled with more generality, so that edge cases in certain ops now work properly
  • Bugs in encoding into and handling UTF8-C8 have been squashed

In the Final Report section, Samantha reviews her many achievements and deliverables. These can be compared to the inchstones and goals of her original proposal.

The Grants Committee would appreciate comments regarding this grant and its state of completion before it votes on whether to approve the work and proceed to payment. Please make any such comments to this post.


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+1 from me

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