What did I get myself into?

Too Long need Limerick:

There once was a Trog in Houston
He saw a committee being reduced in
Now he's a chair
and full of despair
He needs people introduced in.

(It needs work but so does the committee)

If you didn't happen to make it to the TPC this year and see one of the cutest lightening talks this year, this may come as news to you. There is still a Community Advocacy Committee. For those who did see the talk. Check Twitter for updates on the continuing saga of homing so many puppies.

I've taken up the mantle and am working to help you the community in the projects you want to take up. I've got a few of my own I'd like some help with too. I'm looking for members.

My first goal is to help set up a monthly newsletter with ideas for having Perl Monger meetings. I'd like some help in getting it out, having some content, and other things that would make it easier to have a meeting when you have no idea what to do.

Your first goal is to introduce yourself to me if you want to be involved in either this project or have another one for the community that you think I could help with.

find me on the twitters
or find me on irc.perl.org
or email me
that twitter handle @gmail.com

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