Grant Report : Robust Perl 6 Unicode Support - July 2017

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Samantha continues to address the addition of Unicode features and long-standing Unicode bugs in her grant to improve the robustness of Unicode support in Rakudo.

In her complete blog post, she describes:

  • the Unicode collation algorithm in a very readable overview, and her improvements to enable customizable collation at all three main collation levels (base, diacritic, case);

  • support for the Prepend property in code that avoids grapheme breaking, leading to increases in pass rates for standard tests;

  • fixes to an old bug in regex matching when both ignorecase and ignoremark adverbs are in force, along with some refactoring that eliminates some special-case-hairball code in this area.

Also, she says:

"I released a new module, Font::QueryInfo, which allows you to query font information using FreeType. It can even return the codepoints a font supports as a list of ranges!"


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