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Grant Proposal: Learning Perl 6, a book from O'Reilly Media

At the invitation of the TPF board, brian has withdrawn the grant proposal for the Learning Perl 6 book, and will submit a proposal to TPF on other ways for TPF to participate in enhancing the visibility of Perl 6.

The Grants Committee had a general discussion on funding activities whose output is not free of charge. TPF has documentation that states grant results must be "released under a publically available license that is free for redistribution and use without discrimination against field of endeavour" (from the "Grant Benefits" page), but the process of reviewing this proposal revealed that the documentation was easy to miss and not clearly stated as policy in the Grants Committee rules of operation. The committee unanimously agreed to update the rules to make it clear that all grant results should be available free of charge. We are in the process of adding such a clause to the rules of operation soon (wording may be slightly changed):

1.3. Grant proposals should mention how the grant results will be made available to the public. The grant results must be must be accessible free of charge.

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