Maintaining the Perl 5 Core: October / November 2016 report

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Dave Mitchell writes:

I spent last the last two months:

* reworking list assignment (especially with an aggregate on the LHS) to
  be much faster in many cases. For example, this code is 33% faster in
  5.25.7 compared with 5.24.0:

    my @a;
    for my $i (1..10_000_000) {
        @a = (1,2,3);
        @a = ();

* trying to reduce the overhead of compile time a bit;

* freeing up some uses of SV flags;

* fixing various assorted bugs as listed below;

     59:16 [perl #127999] Slowdown in split + list assign
      8:28 [perl #129140] attempting double-free Perl_safesysfree util.c:388
      0:23 [perl #129771] %+ not scoped properly
      0:16 [perl #129802] Regexp performance problem with swiped strings (?)
      1:13 [perl #129821] Bleadperl v5.25.5-65-g5012eeb breaks JJORE/Devel-OptreeDiff-2.3.tar.gz
      3:01 [perl #129825] Overloaded integer constants are prematurely deallocated
      0:34 [perl #129950] Some UTF-8 regular expression matches fail when read from file
      0:10 [perl #129954] dist/Carp/t/arg_string.t: Test fails in blead
      3:51 [perl #129991] Assertion failure in S_aassign_copy_common
      7:23 [perl #129996] BBC Devel-SearchINC
      4:01 [perl #129997] heap-use-after-free sv_catpvn_flags() within Perl_do_vop
      8:44 [perl #130132] Bleadperl breaks Date-Manip
      1:27 [perl #130188] crash on return from substitution in subroutine
      8:00 eliminate some ugly SV flag usages
      1:00 fix build warnings and smoke failures
      2:30 miscellaneous fixups
      2:09 optimise undef assignment
     13:36 performance of keywords.c
      7:33 process p5p mailbox
      1:00 review security tickets
      1:40 split to an array creating RO elements
    136:15 TOTAL (HH::MM)

 163.4 weeks
2243.6 total hours
  13.7 average hours per week

There are 156 hours left on the grant

Note: This report was sent in December and signed off by Marcus Holland-Moritz on Jan 6th.

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