Grants Committee needs a new member

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The Perl Foundation's Grants Committee is looking for a new member.

The new member will work at the committee in this large, high-profile nonprofit organization with other 13 members (see the bottom for the list) who include 4 White Camel Award recipients. The committee has presence in all the global regions and major Perl development threads. It's a volunteer position with no compensation.

We would like to elect either one of 1) the Committee Secretary 2) Committee Member. If you are interested, please read the below.

Nomination procedure

Candidates must be nominated by a member (voting/non-voting) of the Grants Committee.

If you would like to be nominated, please get in touch with one of the members below or the Secretary ([email protected]org).

The nomination process will be closed on Feb 1st.

Position Details

Committee Secretary

Your roles will include 1) grant management 2) the committee management 3) grant scheduling 4) budget management 5) anything that will improve the grant program.

Note that the Secretary doesn't vote except for the casting vote and usually doesn't express opinion on each grant.

You are expected to spend at least 2 hours per week. The opportunity is unlimited and you may spend as many hours as you want.

Committee Member

You will be responsible for voting to decide which grants to fund using the community money. You will also work with other members to improve the grant program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Will the nomination and selection be made in public?

A1: No. Only the selected individual will be announced.

Q2: What if I have further questions?

A2: Feel free to contact me at [email protected] or comment here.

Current Members List

  • Makoto Nozaki (Secretary)
  • Will "Coke" Coleda
  • Rafael Garcia-Suarez
  • Perrin Harkins
  • Thomas Klausner
  • Daisuke Maki
  • Elizabeth Mattijsen
  • Ricardo Signes
  • Alberto Simões
  • Sawyer X
  • Alan Alavi (non-voting)
  • Tom Hukins (non-voting)
  • Mark A. Jensen (non-voting)

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