Final Grant Report : RPerl User Documentation #2

Will Braswell has submitted his final report (below) on his grant RPerl User Documentation, Part 2.

The Grants Committee welcomes comments from the community before it votes on completion of the grant.


RPerl User Documentation, Part 2, Final Report


Will Braswell

Amount Requested:

USD 1,600


Deliverables for this grant proposal are:

1. Complete Learning RPerl Chapter 2


2. Write Learning RPerl Chapter 3


3. Write Learning RPerl Chapter 4



Chapter 2 Scalar Data

1a. Numbers; Strings; RPerl’s Built-in Warnings; Scalar Variables

Section 2.1: Numeric Data & Operators

Section 2.2: Text Data & Operators

Section 2.3: RPerl´s Phases, Warnings & Errors

Section 2.4: Variables With Scalar Values

1b. Output with print; The if Control Structure; Getting User Input; The chomp Operator

Section 2.6: Displaying Output Using The print Operator

Section 2.7: Program Control Using The if Conditional Statement

Section 2.8: Receiving Input From The User & STDIN

Section 2.4.13: chop & chomp Operators

1c. The while Control Structure; The undef Value; The defined Function

Section 2.9: Program Control Using The while Loop

Section 2.4: Variables With Scalar Values

Chapter 3 Lists and Arrays

2a. Accessing Elements of an Array; Special Array Indices; List Literals; List Assignment

Section 3.3: How To Access Array Elements

Section 3.4: Array Length & Negative Indices

Section 3.1: Lists vs Arrays

Section 3.7: Array Assignment

2b. Interpolating Arrays into Strings; The foreach Control Structure

Section 3.11: Converting From Array To String

Section 3.12.3: The foreach Loop

2c. Scalar and List Context; <STDIN> in List Context

Section 3.16: Scalar & Array Contexts

Section 3.17: STDIN & Arrays

Chapter 4 Subroutines

3a. Defining a Subroutine; Invoking a Subroutine; Return Values; Arguments

Section 4.1: Subroutine Definitions

Section 4.2: Subroutine Calls

Section 4.3: Subroutine Return Values

Section 4.4: Subroutine Arguments

3b. Private Variables in Subroutines; Variable-Length Parameter Lists; Notes on Lexical (my) Variables

Section 4.5: Subroutine Variables, Variable Scope & Persistence

Section 4.4.1: Variadic Subroutines

Section 4.5.1: my Intermittent Variables

3c. The use strict Pragma; The return Operator

Section 4.6: use strict; use warnings; Pragmas & Magic

Section 4.3.1: return Operator

3d. Non-Scalar Return Values; Persistent, Private Variables

Section 4.3.2: Multiple Return Values

Section 4.5.2: Persistent State, Pseudo-State Variables

Completeness Criteria

I will release a new version of RPerl to CPAN with the new documentation.

[ RPerl v2.41 on CPAN contains chapters 2 and 3, while chapter 4 has already been published on; chapter 4 will be uploaded to CPAN as part of the next stable release of RPerl in February. ]

Learning RPerl (CPAN)

I will release a new version of the RPerl website with the new documentation.

Learning RPerl (RPerl site)

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