Maintaining Perl 5: Grant Report for October 2016

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The Perl Foundation received the following report from Tony Cook in November. Note: This post was delayed due to the role changes within TPF. Apologies.

Approximately 29 tickets were reviewed or worked on, and 8 patches were applied.

[Hours] [Activity] 
 1.52   #128996 (sec) testing vs 129879, seems to be the same, 
        make public, apply patch 
 4.11   #128997 (sec) reproduce again, debugging 
        #128997 move to public, comment, debug other issue, work 
        on patch 
        #128997 write test, testing, comment with patch 
        #128997 re-check, testing, apply to blead 
 6.45   #129000 (sec) debugging, work on a fix, tests for new api 
        needed for fix 
        #129000 make public, more new api test cases, debugging 
        #129000 more new api test cases, write a test case for the 
        bug itself, comment with patch 
        #129000 alternative patch 
 0.42   #129085 make ticket public, re-check, testing, apply to 
 4.12   #129125 (sec) work on alternate patch, testing 
        #129125 (sec) testing, debugging new tests 
        #129125 (sec) debugging, post new patch 
 0.79   #129130 (sec) double-check patch, testing 
        #129130 make public and push to blead 
 0.80   #129183 review discussion, produce a simple patch 
 2.70   #129229 work on a better dep patch, read over discussion 
        #129229 testing, comment 
        #129229 review new patch and comment 
 5.81   #129238 review discussion 
        #129238 read discussion, work on a patch 
        #129238 work on alt patch 
        #129238 alt patch: test code, debugging 
 0.22   #129277 review discussion 
 2.07   #129281 (sec) review, work up test, research and comment 
 1.63   #129292 (sec) debugging 
 0.67   #129298 review patches and comment 
 0.65   #129300 debugging 
 1.52   #129336 review, review existing switch handling, testing, 
        apply to blead 
 0.12   #129766 review 
 0.77   #129788 review patch and produce alternate (move test to a 
        better place) 
 2.25   #129826 try to reproduce in blead, try against 5.24.0 
        #129826 try to reproduce some more, check poster's “--” 
        theory, comment 
        #129826 review Inline::Perl5 code and comment 
 0.25   #129840 (sec) testing, debugging 
 3.55   #129861 (sec) debugging 
        #129861 (sec) more debugging, comment with simple 
 2.19   #129864 (sec) review code 
        #129864 (sec) more review code, comment 
        #129864 (sec) review response 
 2.03   #129879 (sec) diagnose, simplify, produce patch and 
 2.13   #129895 review change, test prep 
        #129895 testing, apply to blead 
 0.37   #129908 review, porting tests, make a commit and apply to 
 1.15   #129928 review, testing, apply to blead 
 0.82   #129950 testing, debugging and comment 
 0.80   #129961 review, testing, apply to blead 
 0.18   #129967 review, research and comment 
 0.90   review list 
50.99 hours total

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