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Since their third report on migrating, Evozon have been working hard to produce a public beta site.

This beta site lets you, the community, test and evaluate the platform. If you are a regular user of, here's a great opportunity to help us make the release candidate the best version possible.

As outlined in the original grant proposal, the site provides the following:

  • features from the exisiting site: register new account, log-in, write & manage blog posts, create & manage blogs, manage user profile, add comments, add & manage users
  • data imported from the existing site
  • blog text, code snippets, quoting and comments display in clean UTF-8
  • admin and test users can log in to their account through direct access
  • beta users can sign up through Oauth (Facebook login)
  • existing users can view posts, log in with their existing ID, create and comment on posts

At this point, the only deficiency known on the platform is its dependency on JavaScript. Users must have JavaScript enabled in their browsers.

This beta system can undergo small updates, due to bug fixing activities performed by the team, and data may be reset from time to time.

Please join the beta at Once you’ve logged in or signed up, feel free to explore the platform and test all the features. We strongly encourage all beta users to report any bugs, issues, errors or suggestions. If you are nervous about reporting bugs through the formal bug reporting system, you can simply email details to the support mailing list [email protected].

Enjoy testing the platform and thank you in advance for your feedback.


Being js-only even for *reading* it ensures i will never use it. Is it intended to keep it that way?

Being JS-only even for *reading* is a significant functional regression from the current

It's not even that it's ugly formatting without JS. It's telling the user that they're unwelcome.

I feel that having the "official" perl blogging site having this accessibility hurdle from the get-go would not be a good advert for the Perl community. I hope that this is not intended to be the case.

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