Update on JavaScript Backend For Rakudo Grant

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Paweł Murias continues to work on his JavaScript backend for Rakudo grant.

Paweł Murias writes:

Current State

rakudo.js (Rakudo compiled to JavaScript) compiles 70% of the core setting. I'm working on getting it to compile the whole setting. The setting executes a bunch of code at compile time (it has BEGIN blocks, constant declarators etc.) so the code the compiler is generated is validated to some degree (the test suit will exercise it much more). I'm mostly fixing bugs, and implementing missing features in the backend (most are small some required bigger changes to the way we handle things, like nqp::attrinited). While doing that I'm also expanding the nqp test suite so that new backend implementers have an easier job.

What Is Left?

  • Fixing bugs and missing features found while running the test suit.
  • Writing a tutorial and making rakudo.js more usable (making sure the source maps are correct, it installs easily, the error messages it produces are usable etc.).

When it will be done?

A large part of the work remaining is bug fixing so I find it hard to provide a reliable estimate. I hope to wrap things up by the end of the year.

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