Maintaining the Perl 5 Core: Report for Month 36

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Dave Mitchell writes:

I spent last month:

  • eliminating the OP_PUSHRE op, converting OP_SPLIT from being a LISTOP to a PMOP, and making split faster - see v5.25.5-71-gdbdb57e;
  • working on various fuzzer tickets;
  • trying to work out when one should use pad_free(), pad_swipe(), S_op_clear_gv() or just plain SvREFCNT_dec(). I gave up on this for now;
  • picking some quick and low-hanging fruit off my TODO list;


3:52 [perl #125792] [2 PATCHES] sassign is wrongly declared as BASEOP
1:24 [perl #128998] heap-buffer-overflow Perl_my_atof2
7:47 [perl #129086] heap-use-after-free Perl_localize
4:30 [perl #129099] global-buffer-overflow S_finalize_op
1:45 [perl #129158] null ptr deref, segfault in Perl_pp_split ()
0:56 [perl #129238] array index constant folding uses signed bitwise arithmetic
0:31 [perl #129239] BEGIN blocks have wrong caller package
0:35 [perl #129251]
14:53 make OP_SPLIT a PMOP and eliminate OP_PUSHRE
14:12 miscellaneous fixups
13:03 pad_free and pad_swipe
2:55 process p5p mailbox

66:23 Total (HH::MM)

154.7 weeks
2107.4 total hours
13.6 average hours per week

There are 293 hours left on the grant

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