Maintaining the Perl 5 Core: Report for Month 35

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Dave Mitchell writes:

I spent last month mainly working on "fuzzer" bug reports. Nothing really stands out as deserving special mention.


1:23 "Confused by eval behavior" thread
0:14 perl #128940 "Use of uninitialized value $fh" mentions wrong variable
2:48 perl #128951 heap-buffer-overflow in Perl_sv_vcatpvfn_flags
0:51 perl #128952 stack-buffer-overflow in S_missingterm
1:41 perl #128989 Bleadperl v5.25.3-266-g1d7e644 breaks VPIT/Variable-Magic-0.59.tar.gz
4:46 perl #129012 heap-buffer-overflow Perl_fbm_instr
2:04 perl #129029 SIGBUS Perl_sv_peek
0:24 perl #129038 Assertion Failure: *Perl_pp_subst *pp_hot.c:3203
3:45 perl #129064 heap-buffer-overflow S_scan_heredoc
5:01 perl #129099 global-buffer-overflow S_finalize_op
4:02 perl #27555 TIED $x = \$y{z}; delete $y{z} -- behaves badly
4:10 perl #39358 sort segfaults
1:28 fix Concise hints high bits display
0:48 fix build warnings and smoke failures
4:42 optimise av_fetch()
4:30 optimise leave_scope()
9:44 process p5p mailbox

52:21 Total (HH::MM)

As of 2016/08/31: since the beginning of the grant:

150.4 weeks
2041.0 total hours
13.6 average hours per week

There are 359 hours left on the grant

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