Maintaining Perl 5: Grant Report for July 2016

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Tony Cook writes:

Approximately 27 tickets were reviewed, and 5 patches were applied

5.02#126203 review code for leak issue, apply original patch,
find related issues, research
#126203 more related issues
#126203 email to jhi
0.95#127663 re-familiarize, consider options
21.05#127834 (sec) comments, fix some issues
#127834 (sec) customized updates, testing, comment with
new patchsets
#127834 (sec) update patch sets, proposed perldelta
#127834 (sec) review updates, research, comment
#127834 (sec) fix some issues, consider some options,
updates and comment
#127834 (sec) perldelta updates, comment
#127834 (sec) port forward to blead
#127834 (sec) finish port forward
#127834 (sec) upstream reports
#127834 (sec) more upstream
#127834 (sec) more upstream
#127834 (sec) finish upstream
#127834 (sec) fix PathTools version bug (blead)
0.40#128245 review, produce alternate patch and comment
0.60#128432 review, testing, apply to blead
5.62#128438, #128564 irc discussion, alternate patch, testing
#128438 testing, comment
#128438 testing, review
#128438 more testing, apply a fix
1.37#128445 research, testing and comment
0.52#128517 review change and consider alternate changes,
check smoke results and apply to blead
2.58#128524 review discussion, produce patch and comment
#128524 adjust test, testing, apply to blead
0.44#128574 comment
#128574 review, testing, push to smoke-me
0.33#128588 review discussion
0.25#128607 review discussion
0.15#128620 research, comment and close
4.67#128627 try to build with quadmath, Configure debugging
#128627 work out Configure, try to trace library inclusion
#128627 debugging, testing
0.83#128630 testing, review patches, comments
0.10#128673 research and comment
1.85#128685 try to work up a patch and comment
0.40#24000 research and comment
0.52#67424 comment
0.97look into darwin test failures
0.22look into khw locale configure probe issue
1.70more darwin test failures, debugging underlying cause,
simple fix
6.02more parallel gmake
more parallel gmake
more parallel gmake
1.97more parallel gmake, fix search order conflict, repeat testing
1.75more parallel gmake, more optimization, re-work deps
closer to previous
2.45more parallel gmake, polish, performance testing,
1.77more parallel gmake, post as ticket 128564

64.50 Hours Total

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