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Although we have no new progress reports for the migration since the third one, a development version of the site is available for testing at

If you use the existing site, please check that the new beta site works for you.

Please leave a comment below if you have helpful suggestions for how to improve the new site. Make sure your suggestions fall within the scope of the grant's proposal.


I like the new site, thanks.

A couple of requests:
1) Can you remove the "this site uses cookies" notification? I believe that's a European Union requirement, but I don't think we need it: doesn't have it. For those of us who delete all 3rd party cookies it's annoying clicking those messages every time we visit the site.

2) Can you add RSS/Atom support? This is a useful feature of and it drives various community tools which promote Perl articles.

Many thanks,

David Farrell

Look at Sawyer's blogpost:

All formatting is lost and it's barely readable.

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