Maintaining the Perl 5 Core: Report for Month 30

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Dave Mitchell writes:

I spent last month mainly:

  1. continuing to look into some of the CPAN breakage associated with my recent context work that's been merged into blead;
  2. continuing to look at smoke and 5.24 blocker issues


0:25 [perl #124216] Perl_sv_clear: Assertion
1:11 [perl #127380] Flawed environmental variable handling
5:24 [perl #127455] regex qr/(?[ [B] | ! ( [^B] ) ])/ fails to compile on x64 debugging optimized builds
15:53 [perl #127543] dtrace/-DDEBUGGING builds now fail on Solaris
1:27 [perl #127727] Bleadperl v5.23.7-133-g7b0c33a breaks WBRASWELL/RPerl-1.600000.tar.gz
2:32 [perl #127754] two 5.22.x crashes
3:20 [perl #127790] Re: segfault involving Data::Dumper, anonymous sub, and scalar ref
7:15 disallow 'require ::foo'
2:27 fix List::Util and lc() corruption issue
23:16 fix build warnings and smoke failures
2:05 fixup CPAN distributions affected by context changes (Devel-NYTProf)
2:17 fixup CPAN distributions affected by context changes (Net-Yadis)
1:02 fixup CPAN distributions affected by context changes (Sig-PackageScoped)
14:57 process p5p mailbox
5:27 review CHEK work

88:58 Total (HH::MM)

As of 2016/03/31: since the beginning of the grant:

128.6 weeks
1778.4 total hours
13.8 average hours per week

There are 222 hours left on the grant.

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