Grant Report : RPerl User Documentation #2 - March 2016

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Will Braswell's first report on the 2nd RPerl documentation grant follows. (The POD tables look nice.)

"As planned, I've continued work where we left on in part 1 off the Learning RPerl grant.

I've implemented a new mechanism for creating tables in POD, currently supporting 14 output formats, which I believe is significantly more than anyone else has achieved to date. (Unfortunately, PseudoPod's often-mentioned table feature is both lacking in basic features and seemingly broken at this time. Fortunately, I was able to maintain full PseudoPod compatibility by working around their table feature and directly implementing mine in it's place.)

[[[ Pod ]]]
1. pod2text
2. pod2text color
3. pod2man
4. pod2man postscript
5. pod2html
6. pod2cpanhtml
7. pod2rperlhtml

[[[ PseudoPod ]]]
8. ppod2txt
9. ppod2html
10. ppod2docbook

[[[ Docbook ]]]
11. sgmltools onehtml
12. sgml2x docbook-2-html
13. docbook2html chunks
14. docbook2html no chunks

You can see the use of tables in many of the new chapter 2 sections, starting with the Arithmetic Operators in 2.1.9.

You can see the source code of the new tables implementation in any of the sections where it is utilized in the Learning RPerl POD. You will notice there are 4 different output format groups: text (Text::ASCIITable), man (raw), html (raw), and docbook (raw). Here's a link to the shortest table (header row plus 3 body rows) in the Trigonometry Operators in 2.1.10.

As part of my work on chapter 2, I've completed the content for sections 2.1.9 through 2.1.14, and made various updates throughout other parts of chapter 2.

I've added a new section, Appendix B3, with more in-depth information about operator arity, fixity, precedence, and associativity.

I've added 2 new exercises not present in Learning Perl, ex2.6 and ex2.7, in order to provide a proper introduction to the while() loop and algorithmic equivalence:

And last but certainly not least, I've released RPerl v1.7 (Codename Tycho) including the long-awaited ability to generate stand-alone executable files, and I have updated Learning RPerl section 1.24 accordingly:


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