Migrating blogs.perl.org: Third Progress Report


Since our last report on the grant to revitalise blogs.perl.org, Amalia writes that Evozon have completed work on the following:

  1. Homepage, accommodating latest blog posts (10, with the ability to load more)
  2. At this point, header is reflecting whether the user is logged in or not
  3. Ability to register to the website (regular registration, oauth & openID to be implemented in the upcoming sprint)
  4. Ability to login to the website, go to admin, see posts (admin not yet customized to match the new BPO design, user is not yet able to publish posts)
  5. Ability to switch between themes (dark or light, depending on user's preferences)
  6. Category listings
  7. Tag listing
  8. Full search functionality (posts, users, tags)
  9. Comment system (ability to comment only if logged in, if blog admin doesn't have
  10. moderation enabled, comment will be automatically displayed; if it's enabled, comment is submitted to user approval)
  11. Author profiles, listing avatars, bios, entries, blogs & pages, and RSS subscription
  12. UTC fixes
  13. UTF-8 fixes
  14. Individual blog posts

If you use the existing blogs.perl.org site, please look at the new site's staging server and let us know if you encounter problems with any of the completed features. We welcome your comments. Please treat site as an early preview, not a polished version of the final product. Several admin features are still missing & several bugs still need to be fixed.

In their next spring, Evozon plan to work on:

  1. Post formatting
  2. My profile - add functionality (ability to chance avatar, display name, email & reset password)
  3. Ability to publish posts
  4. Image formatting within posts
  5. Fix category issues
  6. Add transactional emails (upon account creation, account confirmation, password reset, comment submission, etc)
  7. Oauth & openID sign-in & registration


Will there be an API? I automatically mirror Perl related posts from my main blog to blogs.perl.org

It's good to see that people mirror posts this way. While we don't have an API on the release plan, we can certainly add one. Based on a Cluj.pm talk from a few months ago, PONAPI which offers a JSON interface to the database should be quick to implement. The other quick alternative would be something like XML::Compile::SOAP.

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