Maintaining Perl 5: Grant Report for November 2015

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Tony Cook writes:

Approximately 54 tickets were reviewed, and 12 patches were applied.

[perl #126593] illustrates how some of perl's internal tools need to be careful of which parts of the language they use.

The tr/// operator can do its job in one of two ways, if all the code points are between 0 and 255 with a 256 entry table of shorts, otherwise using a swash, which is created by SWASHNEW in lib/

tr/// uses the UTF-8 flag on the search and replacement strings to decide whether to use the look-up table or the swash, so it's possible for the swash to be used even when the search and replacement strings are representable as bytes.

aa8f6cef changed a s/// operator in lib/ to a tr/// operator. All of the characters in the search and replacement strings can be represented as bytes - they're all ASCII range, so at first sight the implementation should be using the lookup table rather than the swash.

The problem is code that uses the deprecated ${^ENCODING} variable, in this case the encoding::warnings module. encoding::warnings sets ${^ENCODING} to a filter that warns (or croaks) when a non-UTF-8 marked PV with non-ASCII is used with UTF-8 marked PVs.1

When parsing string literals, including tr/// operators, S_scan_str() in toke.c always returns UTF-8 marked strings when ${^ENCODING} is true

The module that started [perl #125693] loads encoding::warnings, so ${^ENCODING} is now set, then Fatal, which loads Carp which includes the line:

$VERSION =~ tr/_//d;

so both the search and replacement strings are passed to S_pmtrans() (op.c) as UTF-8 marked strings.

S_pmtrans() attempts to create a swash, which starts to load, until we get to the line:

(my $loose = $_[0]) =~ tr/-_ \t//d;

where things break.

[1] the current recommended practice is that the UTF-8 flag controls internal representation only and combining two such strings isn't an issue. Don't use encoding::warnings.

0.17#122251 review upstream tickets and resolve
0.45#123710 testing, close
2.55#123737 review discussion, testing
#123737 debugging, produce a patch and comment
1.62#123991 produce a patch and comment
2.51#124068 testing, fix issues, more testing
#124068 another fix, testing, push to blead
1.15#124080 review, testing
#124080 review test results, push to blead
2.32#124097 review code, try a fix
#124097 review more code, comment with patch
#124097 testing, comment
0.83#124349 produce a patch
0.75#125619 review discussion and comment
0.40#125830 review cflags.SH changes, testing, apply to blead
2.14#126042 research
#126042 more research, comment with a simple patch
2.86#126045 review discussion, research, work on test patch
#126045 more work on patch, comment with patch (and some
smartmatch irc discussion)
1.94#126193 review code, work on a patch, testing, comment with patch
#126193 re-check patch, testing, apply to blead
1.27#126240 (camel issues), testing and comment
0.52#126325 review patch, testing and apply to blead
0.50#126368 review, test all three modules with blead and close
0.53#126403 review and comment
0.23#126437 research, comment
2.32#126443 (sec) comment
#126443 create a test, testing, comment with new patch
#126443 testing, apply to blead
0.57#126469 review, re-test and apply to blead
1.37#126474 comment
#126474 research, comment
1.55#126480 produce a patch and comment
#126480 minor corrections to patch, push a smoke-me
#126480 testing, apply to blead
0.88#126502 testing
#126502 more testing, start bisect
#126502 comment
1.08#126533 review and comment
#126533 test and apply to blead
0.60#126534 review, test and apply
1.03#126544 research, comment
0.40#126546 fuzzer tickets meta-ticket
0.60#126552 testing, debugging
5.59#126593 debugging, research, longer comment
#126593 review discussion, try some fixes
#126593 comment with patch
2.03#126602 review, produce a patch and comment
#126602 re-check patch, testing, apply to blead
0.50#126608 review and comment
0.43#126609 review, test and apply to blead
0.76#126611 review and comment
#126611 review latest patch, testing, apply to blead
3.13#126621 review, code, prep for testing, reproduce, review
failing tests, work on simple reproducer
#126621 comment, try to work out a fix
0.15#126632 review, requires CPAN updates, so leave
2.17#126633 review failing code, review patch, make a simple reproducer
#126633 try to make a simpler reproducer, try a simple
patch and comment
1.93#126635 reproduce, review code, produce a patch and comment
#126635 produce alternate patch and comment
#126635 testing, apply to blead
0.98#126707 review change, research, comment silent handling, notice unneeded rebuilds and
open #126710
1.67#126719 debugging, open Encode ticket, comments
0.32#126731 review code, testing, find dup and comment, merge tickets
3.64#126755 (sec) try to map MapPathW crash, working up test code
#126755 (sec) more test code, testing, re-working supplied fix
0.355.24.0 blocker updates
7.01#57512 review discussion, look over code
#57512 more look over code, testing
#57512 research, code on in-place edit close failures
#57512 more code, testing, comment with patches
2.78cygwin build warnings - testing, seem to be 32-bit
generic, testing, fixes
0.32cygwin failures – re-test original fix and apply to blead
0.48jhi's scandir thread – research and comment
0.63khw's cygwin issues
0.28os390 dynaloader issue: fix an else nesting bug
0.65rjbs's redefinition warning strangeness: irc and reply to list
0.93smartmatch review overloading code
2.47smartmatch testing, work on overload.t failures
2.08smartmatch: fix overload.t tests, more testing, push to branch
2.72smartmatch: rebase, work on overloading

78.39 Hours Total

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