Grant Report : RPerl User Documentation - Final (Jan 2016)

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Will Braswell has completed his RPerl Docs grant, submitting the following report:

"I have released RPerl v1.51 with all grant work items now completed!

1a. Describe Eyapp EBNF grammar format and Grammar.eyp file sections

1b. Describe lexical token types

1c. Describe operator precedence and associativity

1d. Describe all grammar rules and productions 1e. Provide examples of valid code

2a. Complete source code of solutions to chapters 1 - 6 2b. Describe how to arrive at each solution

3a. Create POD versions of deliverables 1 and 2

3b. Use POD::Tree::HTML or similar to generate HTML

3c. Integrate HTML into web framework "

Owing to issues with TPF blog, this report could not be published in a timely fashion. The Grants Committee elected to vote on completion without public comments. The committee accepted the work as successfully completed.


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