Grant Report: Test::Simple/Stream Stabilization

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After the first month of work, in his grant, Chad reports the following news:

I have been working with Ricardo Signes, and other members of the community to fine-tune the project Out of these discussions have come the following developments:
  •  Test-Stream is being split into 2 parts, only 1 part applies to this grant, and it is going to be called 'Test2'.
  • Several parts of Test-Stream (now Test2) have been changed based on feedback
  • Several packages have been reorganized or renamed.

This makes the name of the grant ironically incorrect as Test2 is the part of Test-Stream that applies, and it is now a separate package.

Other developments on the grant:

I have also progressed on the punch-list items, which can be seen in this set of tickets:

I have also published tools and results for comparing the blead test suite output between the new and old versions: This work has already produced results and found a couple places where TAP output differed unintentionally, these bugs have all been fixed.

At this point the punch-list items are largely blocked on external input from other people who have volunteered to verify my work and findings.

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