Grant Report : RPerl User Documentation - November 2015

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Will Braswell provides the following update on his RPerl doc grant:

"For the Learning RPerl exercises, I found a way to work around Perlcritic and get chapter 3 exercise 3 to parse properly, which could be considered extra credit toward work item 2a.

I've started formally writing the Learning RPerl textbook, which means we are most of the way done with work item 1b, 1e, 3a, and 3b.

On Thanksgiving we released RPerl v1.3, so now you can see the full outline of Learning RPerl, along with all of chapter 1 and most of chapter 2 on CPAN.

For work item 3c, I have created a new script which is similar to pod2cpanhtml and pod2html and is available at the following URL:

All remaining work items will be completed along the way, as I continue writing the Learning RPerl textbook POD."


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