Grant Report : RPerl User Documentation - October 2015

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Will Braswell provides the following report on RPerl documentation efforts in October:

'I have been diligently working on work item 2a, "Complete source code of solutions to chapters 1 - 6". This month, I have pushed over 30 commits to Github related to this grant, starting with dd57fcfc7cde28a4f6e46c1b3cbe0b751922ed9c.

At this time, all exercises from Learning Perl chapters 1 through 6 are implemented in RPerl and parsing properly, with the exception of chapter 3 exercise 3, which fails due to a bug in Perlcritic (not a bug in RPerl). This means work item 2a is now finished, because we may have to wait a long time before Perlcritic is fixed (it has many pending bugs).'


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