Maintaining Perl 5: Grant Report for March 2015

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Tony Cook writes:

Approximately 25 tickets were reviewed or worked on, and 2 patches were applied.

This was a short month since my old grant ran out, and a new grant started.

[perl #123788] was interesting to me because is illustrated how perl tracks which globs (or package) a given @ISA is present in - and how that was broken in this case.

Each @ISA has isa magic. If the @ISA is only present in a single GV, then mg_obj for the magic is a pointer to that GV, if there are multiple GVs then mg_obj is an AV (not an RV pointing to an AV) of GVs. In neither case are the references counted in the GV's reference count.

In the case of the bug, the magic wasn't being updated when the @ISA was removed from the GV, and the GV was then deleted, leaving a dangling pointer in the mg_obj of the @ISA's isa magic. Later when the SV head of the GV was re-used for a PV SV and the original @ISA was modified perl would crash attempting to use it as a GV.

0.18#119125 review
0.12#119533 comment and close
2.64#122136 test each dist, produce tickets/patches for
unfixed dists and comment
#122136 follow-up, comment
3.30#123145 work out a fix
#123145 tests, make a patch and comment
0.67#123475 research and comment
0.25#123528 review, find it was already committed and close
6.92#123788 review discussion, review code
#123788 debugging
#123788 produce a patch and comment
#123788 write tests and comment with new patches
0.93#123947 diagnose and fix
0.68#123958 review, research and comment
3.03#123971 try to understand why generated code is producing
rubbish, try to produce a simple reproducer, comment
#123971 try to fix long double packing on gcc 5
3.91#123976 try to debug
#123976 debugging
0.32#123977 review
4.14#123981 research, testing
#123981 more testing and adjustments, comment with patch
#123981 review and comment
0.33#124062 review and comment
0.55#124064 review and comment
0.20#124065 try to reproduce, diagnose and comment, closing ticket
1.07#124069/#124068 review, testing, research and comment
0.22#124081 review, test, push to blead
0.28#124131 review and apply to post-5.22 branch
0.53#124181 try to reproduce and comment
0.07#124188 review and apply to post 5.22 branch
0.22#124189 review and comment
0.07#124202 review and comment
0.61Review 5.22 blockers
Review 5.22 blockers
1.53review OP_SIGNATURE thread and comment

32.77 hours total

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