September 2014 Grant Votes

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The Grants Committee has concluded the voting of the September round.

Proposals in this round

Voting Results

IO::All Redux439 = 5+2+1+1
Inline::C(PP) ...8029 = 5+4+4+4+3+3+3+3
Pegex Grammar ...16
Swim Pod09

Definition of the score is found in 3.2 of the rules.


Nile - Visual Web App Framework Separating Code From Design Multi Lingual And Multi Theme

First of all, thank you for submitting this application. It's always good to see new faces.

For this grant, we are unable to find a reason to spend a large portion of the community money on this new web framework at this point. We would like to see the author continue the development of Nile and get some more community support on it first.

IO::All Redux

We approve this grant. We will not fund this grant at this point and will re-evaluate this in the next round.

Inline::C(PP) Module Support

We are pleased that the Grants Committee will approve and fund this grant. This will be useful for the community and we already saw enough positive feedback. It should be noted that the total score was the second highest this year after the Perl::Lint grant.

Mark Jensen agreed to be the grant manager.

Pegex Grammar for YAML

We understand YAML is used in a number of places and the grant has certain value. However at this point we are not able to approve it.

Swim Pod

We hope we can discuss this grant after Swim gets wider adoption and community support.

Next round

The next round is in November. You can submit proposals now.

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