Outreach Program for Women: Intern's Summary

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Pattawan Kaewduangdee writes:

First of all, I would like to say thank you to The Perl Foundation for giving me such a great opportunity to work on MetaCPAN as an intern in the GNOME Outreach Program for Women. MetaCPAN is a really friendly part of the Perl community where I have learnt a lot from smart and specialized Perl developers.

While I was participating in the program I improved the user experience of MetaCPAN by making existing features more visible. For example, adding feed icons for subscription and making the feed data more descriptive. I fixed bugs such as adding an error page title, upgrading the autocomplete plugin including making table sort types be persistent. In addition, I enhanced the search result page with keyword suggestions, upgraded infrastructure components like Bootstrap3 as well as introducing Font Awesome.

As well as learning technical skills I also learnt about the social aspects of the community. I got to know a lot of Perl people as a MetaCPAN intern. I was given support, friendship, and knowledge exchange from people who are specialists in many different areas. This is a great thing that really makes me like the Open Source community. I also believe that taking part in the Outreach Program for Women was a key factor in my success in getting sponsorship from the Enlightened Perl Organization to enable me to participate in YAPC::Asia.

After finishing this program I plan to keep working on MetaCPAN as a contributor. If I have free time during my studies I want to contribute to other Perl projects in the area of search engine technology which is also my study area and is of personal interest.

Also, thank you so much to Randy Stauner, Olaf Alders and Thomas Sibley for being my mentors. Thanks to every MataCPAN contributor and user for any feedback and suggestions on my work which really helped me to learn. This project is a memorable experience in my life.

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