More Perl::Lint Progress


It's a while since I reported on Taiki Kawakami's grant to work on Perl::Lint, a static analyser for Perl 5.

Taiki continues to work on Perl::Lint actively: you can track his progress in the project's public Github repository. Recently he has implemented more policy checks and added filters to exclude policies.

The impressive Perl::Lint playground lets you experiment with the module from within your Web browser and the preview release on CPAN makes it easy to install an experimental version of the module on your own machine. Also, Taiki has shared the slides from his talk about Perl::Lint at YAPC::Asia recently.

Please play in the playground or install the module yourself and let us know what you think.


For a laugh, I pushed the source for Symbol::Approx::Sub through your online playground. And it found a bug that has been there probably forever.

Thanks for this.

Great job! Already following it on github :D

Just one thing: I tried to show the playground to a friend today, but it looks like is giving a 504 bad gateway error at the moment :(



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