Maintaining Perl 5: Grant Report for Month 13

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Tony Cook writes:

Approximately 22 tickets were reviewed or otherwise worked on, and 3 patches were applied.

With this month I've exceeded the hours in my grant.

8.36#121159 code, tests
#121159 debugging, coding (needs some re-work)
#121159 refactor, testing
0.50#121404 fix, retest, apply to blead and comment
1.12#122005 review is_common(), ptr_table_* code, produce a crash, comment
0.10#122024 review and close
0.57#122107 re-test, apply to blead, comment
1.12#122112 look into a solution
2.43#122143 testing, debugging, comment
0.22#122373 comment
0.33#122405 comment
0.47#122424 review, comment and close - Unicode::Collate and taint
2.13#122445 debug, backtrace, try possible fixes - segfault
with bignum and debugger
9.30#122455 review
#122455 try to make a test
#122455 produce a test, comment
#122455 try to add set/get magic for debug vars, research $DB::signal
#122455 debugging, testing, polish, comment
4.50#122476 write a patch, some testing
#122476 testing, TODO test, produce patch, comment
#122476 re-test, apply to blead and close
0.98#122490 (security) research, comment
0.30#122517 research and comment
1.28cpan #97773 - supply a hang prevention fix for Socket
1.12create report for ptr_table is_common() bug
0.17defined(@) and defined(%) - comment
1.67Fedora 20 and debugger - debug, fix y command, comment
0.22global method cache reset - comment
1.12p5p catch-up
p5p catch-up
0.43smartmatch: check I didn't break when BLOCK

38.44 Hours Total

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Thank you for your contributions, and great work as always!

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