Grant Proposal: Pegex Grammar for YAML


We have received the following grant application "Pegex Grammar for YAML". Please leave feedback in the comments field by September 25th, 2014.

Pegex Grammar for YAML

  • Name:
    • Ingy döt Net
    • David Oswald
  • Amount Requested

    USD $3500


Make and YAML::Tiny driven by a common formal grammar.

Benefits to the Perl Community

Perl has four major YAML implementations:

They all have major incompatabilities. In the past year the #yaml channel on has gotten all the right people together to resolve this. A great next step would be to make the two pure Perl implementations YAML and YAML::Tiny be grammar driven.

Pegex is a Perl 6 Rules inspired framework that greatly lowers the barriers to writing parsers. The main goal of Pegex is to make grammars for parsing a language or syntax be as human friendly as possible. Pegex is also extremely fast for pure Perl code.

By having the Load functions for YAML and YAML::Tiny be grammar driven, the following benefits would occur:

  1. Both modules would parse the same YAML exactly the same
  2. Bugs could easily be fixed for both modules in the same grammar
  3. YAML::Tiny would be tinyer
  4. would become faster


This project will provide:

  • Pegex grammar for YAML
  • YAML and YAML::Tiny parser/loaders based on the grammar
  • Common test suite proving compatability

Project Details

Pegex is four years old, and has several CPAN modules based on it. It makes language defining grammars appear crystal clear. It has undergone an optimization development phase that makes it very fast.

Recent work was done to get YAML indentation working in Pegex. This was a major hurdle. This is now a good time to make a complete YAML grammar. Since Pegex works in many languages, eventually there will be exactly compatible YAML parsers in Perl, Python, Ruby, JS, etc.


  • Write a grammar for YAML in Pegex
    • Grammar will be well documented
    • Each grammar rule will be tested
  • Convert YAML to use the grammar for its loader
  • Convert YAML::Tiny to use (a subset of) the grammar for its loader
  • Both modules pass a common test suite

Project Schedule

This project will take 2-3 months and can be started immediately upon acceptance.

Completeness Criteria

Both modules released to CPAN, using the new Pegex grammar and passing the same tests. Pegex/YAML grammar published in its own GitHub repo.


Ingy döt Net invented the YAML language, is the author and maintainer of YAML and YAML::XS and is one of he people currently actively maintaining YAML::Tiny. He also is the creator of the Pegex parsing framework.

David Oswald has been a Perl user for over a decade, is an author of several CPAN modules, and maintainer of more. David also runs Salt Lake Perl Mongers.

Ingy and David work well together and have decided to collaborate on a number of projects that will benefit Perl and Software Development.


Given the move over the past few years away from YAML to JSON (for example, the switch to META.json) what is the relative importance of YAML to the ongoing success of Perl?

While there might be some preference to use JSON over YAML on some Perl projects/files, we don't think YAML is losing relevance in Perl. YAML adoption on the whole (Open Software) seems to be firmly on the rise.

Note that while YAML and JSON are in a common space, YAML is a complete serialization language where JSON is a data language with a limited (albeit very useful) scope. To my knowledge there is no other format that offers the following (in Perl, let alone across languages):

* Complete object serialization
* Plain text, human readable/writable
* References and circular references
* Support for any data types
* Comments

This proposal makes a great stride towards having our Perl YAML parsers be readily understandable, community maintainable, spec compliant, and perfectly in sync.

That said, it is definitely the most ambitious of the proposals. As with all of these proposals, these are things that we plan to work on over time (regardless of compensation), but the grant allows us to be able to immediately focus on them to completion. Perhaps this one will be more compelling after a bit more work.

— Ingy and David

Is it possible to change the implementation of YAML::Tiny, given that it is currently wrapped in a thin API and released as a dual-life module with perl, as CPAN::Meta::YAML, and therefore cannot use any non-core modules?

One point of ::Tiny is that implementation must be tiny, and that includes not just the module itself, but also its runtime dependencies. Pegex is not so tiny, so I don't think that changing the YAML::Tiny to use Pegex would keep the tinyness.

But I would be supportive of a grant for Pegex::YAML or YAML::Pegex.

Replacement of the current implementation would also need discussion once we could benchmark it (on performance and features) against other implementations.

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